Documents Needed for Home Loans

Your residence addresses for the past TWO years;

Names, addresses and phone numbers of ALL landlords for the past TWO years;

Names, addresses, phone numbers and contact person(s) for ALL employers for the last two years;

W-2 Forms for ALL employers for the last TWO years and Federal tax returns all pages and schedules.;

Pay stubs covering the most recent 30-day period (ALL current jobs!);

TWO most recent months’ bank statements (ALL accounts, ALL pages);

Evidence of alimony or child support, a copy of the court order and ages of child(ren) (if applicable.);

Copy of divorce decree AND separation agreement (if applicable);

Social Security and other benefit award letters, if being used towards qualifying income;

Documentation relating to ANY special issues (i.e. bankruptcy, credit problems and/or recently established accounts for deposits or loans); AND

Copy of deed, most recent tax bill AND most recent homeowner’s insurance bill (for refinance only) and mortgage payment coupon.

Copy of your photo Id and social security card

Contact information for the Insurance provider you plan to use for this home loan

Contact information for your Human Resources Department in order to verify employment for all current jobs

Feel free to contact Bob Hester at 770-578-1500 ext 613 or Tami Robinson at 770-578-1500 ext 614.

Please forward your documents to my eFax # at 678-384-3450 or email address at bobhester@fmgllc.net


VA LOANS (In addition to bullet points above):
DD-214 Certificate of Eligibility-legible copy


SELF-EMPLOYED (In addition to bullet points above):
(THIS IS IN ADDITION TO, not instead, of pay stubs & W-2. All other normal supporting documentation will always apply.)

What criteria much you meet to be considered self-employed:
· You receive 1099’s (instead of W-2’s)
· You own 25% of the company you work for.

You are required to provide additional documents:
· Corporate Tax Returns for the last TWO years.
· Year-to-date current Profit and Loss statements.





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