First Mortgage Group, LLC (FMG) was established in 1996 to assist people in achieving their housing dreams; as such, FMG specializes in FHA, VA, Conventional and Jumbo loans. Bob Hester, President, formed FMG with the following objectives as his guide: Quality, Experience, Integrity and Service. FMG differentiates itself by its belief that serving others is of the utmost importance. FMG realizes pleasing all is unreasonable; instead FMG strives to serve our customers, employees, and business partners. FMG wants to be your FIRST choice for Quality, Experience, Integrity and Service.

Quality – FMG believes that quality is a choice. As such, FMG employees pride themselves on attention to the details, sincere effort and proficient execution. FMG sets goals, both individually, and as a team; then pursues said goals with all available abilities. FMG always strives for continuous improvement and quality in all business dealings. FMG makes every effort to ensure our employees are properly licensed and thoroughly knowledgeable, in order to maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance.

Experience – FMG employees are consummate professionals committed to making all experiences with the loan process simple and straightforward. FMG is able to provide the latest in financial tools, enabling our customers the peace of mind in knowing they are making sound financial choices for their present, and future financial well-being. FMG understands each borrower has a different story, and as such, FMG offers a vast assortment of loan products to meet your individual needs.

Integrity - FMG pledges to our customers, employees and business partners, that all business transactions will be completed with total honesty; and FMG will make no false or misleading statements regarding any business transaction. FMG makes a conscious choice to adhere to the highest standards of truth. FMG will never participate in any practice that could possibly be interpreted as unethical or dishonest, and FMG will avoid all appearances of impropriety.

Service – FMG strives to create the highest degree of professionalism possible. FMG’s communicational goals with you, the customer, are clarity and direct speak. Also, FMG will solve problems without affixing blame. Our employees perform their work with a sense of confidence and pride, and at all times will maintain a helpful and positive attitude.

FMG is licensed to originate loans in Georgia (Lic. #12244) and Florida (Lic. CL #0700646). We are ready to help YOU with your mortgage needs!





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